A Unique Zero Capex Energy Reduction Solution for pump and fan motors.


Environmental Savings

0 million Ltrs
Water Saved

0 million Kgs
CO², SO², NOx Emissions Reduced

0 million Kgs
Coal Saved
Equivalent to Powering

What does EDS offer

A Zero Capex and Zero Maintenance Variable Speed Drive (VSD) based solution

Guaranteed Net Monetary Savings for each system

Latest VSD technology for motors on Fan and Pumps, both Low and Medium Voltage

Our turnkey solution overcomes four key challenges

  • CAPEX Restraint

    EnergyDrive has a Zero CAPEX and Zero Maintenance business model. We invest CAPEX into your business to install an EnergyDrive system and also maintain the system at our cost. EnergyDrive also guarantees a Net Monetary Saving per annum for each system installed. This is the minimum saving EnergyDrive will deliver and is net of all fees.

  • Measurement and Verification

    EnergyDrive use a robust and accurate online reporting system, complying with current M&V standards. EnergyDrive uses a 24/7 online reporting system complying with stringent M&V standards. You can view system performance at any time.

  • Equipment uptime

    EnergyDrive systems are installed in parallel to existing control systems, with 100% utility availability designed into the system. This is achieved via a Comprehensive Mitigation System (CMS) with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) cell bypass. CMS can be described as a series of safe guards ensuring up time to the plant in case of the unlikely event of system failure.

  • Project execution

    EnergyDrive provides the resources for each project. We work in close collaboration with your plant engineers to design, install and maintain each system.

Measurement and Verification Automated Meter Reading

A baseline is calculated in close collaboration with the client using historic plant data and adhering to the relevant National Standards. Electrical meters are installed in each system, with on-line live reporting that is freely accessed by our clients. Our staff constantly monitor the performance of each system using multiple parameters to ensure maximum uptime and achievement of the savings targets.

The capturing and monitoring process includes the following:

  • Data Escrow

    Provide complete data escrow to our Clients.

  • Early Warning System

    Provide early warning of systems running out of spec.

  • Realtime Reporting

    Provide realtime reporting and visibility to our clients via the web.

Our Clients



Julian Russell


Julian has 20 years international experience in managing large multi-skilled teams as well as driving strategic direction on a number of multinational business units. He has worked extensively in both the US and the UK at an executive sales level. Julian heads up the commercial sales portfolio.

Peter Korck

BSc (Civ Eng)

Peter has 30 years Business Development and Programme Management experience providing strategic direction to multi-disciplinary management teams in several business arenas. In the past decade he has has managed projects with a combined value in excess of R1.5Bn.

Stuart Aitchison

MSc Eng (Advanced Control Sys)

Stuart has 20 year international experience in the design of management & monitoring information systems. He has headed multi-disciplinary teams on long-term implementation of international business critical systems and has overseen projects in excess of R1.2Bn. Stuart heads up the Data and Reporting teams as well as project finance.

Dave Betts

HDip Elec Eng

Dave has 25 years international experience in the medium and heavy current electrical environment. He specialised in the optimisation of process control and energy efficiency using variable speed drives. Dave’s experience was the cornerstone of the birth of EnergyDrive and its unique Intellectual Property.

About EnergyDrive Systems

EnergyDrive Systems was conceived in 2010 and launched in January 2011. EnergyDrive followed the typical Start-Up path of being bootstrapped then privately funded through until 2015, when we decided to pursue formal financing relationships.

From a handful of staff in 2011, EnergyDrive now employees over 30 people internationally. We have managed to achieve high leverage of our human capital by utilizing local expertise as much as possible. This has the added benefit of our clients working with their existing approved electrical subcontractors during our installations.

Our solutions have also evolved over our short history. In the first 3 years we deliberately focused on Low Voltage applications whilst we developed our footprint in the Energy Efficiency space. In early 2014, with the technological solution proven, we entered the Medium Voltage and High Voltage arena.